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I’m Nicole and I’ve been writing since, well, I guess the first time I picked up a crayon. Or pencil. Look, I’m old now and I can’t really remember, I just know it’s been a really, really long time.

This Substack is a new endeavor for me. In this never-ending hellscape, AKA life in the (two-thousand) twenties, I’m seeking more positive vibes... and to share my writing. Sounds fun, right?

This publication will be a mix of things: off-the-cuff musings (both fiction and nonfiction, maybe some poetry too), lol-worthy and smile-inducing internet finds, media I consume (and think you may also enjoy), and other general shenanigans. And it should hit your inbox every Tuesday.

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The vibes I’m sharing here will mostly be essays, poems, some fiction pieces, and definitely cool/fun/LOL-worthy things I find online. I’m extremely online and see a lot of dark stuff, so I’d like to brighten things up a bit when I can: throw some glitter at it or something, make things more fun and sparkly. Create pieces that make you feel things (hopefully mostly positive, but you know, I might let the darkness come out every now and then). Regardless, I’ll try to spread the best vibes I can!

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Nicole Mathew
thirty-something writer & melomaniac. here to vibe.